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Rolfe State Bank

Services and Fees

Automatic transfer of funds from a checking or

savings account to a checking account

(Charged to any account set up for automatic transfer)
Frequency limit: 6 per month from a Savings or Money Market account.
Dollar limit: even increments of $500.00 for a checking account

 $1.00* per transfer
Check printing

Fee depends on style of check ordered

Personal money orders $2.50
Certified bank drafts $5.00
Overdraft (each item paid) $25.00
Overdraft (maximum charge per day) $125.00
Return item (each item returned) $20.00
Return item (maximum charge per day) $100.00
Collection items $3.00 per item
Account research

$20.00 per hour

$5.00 minimum

Account balancing assistance

$20.00 per hour

$5.00 minimum

Stop payments (all items) $15.00*
Photocopies-(8 1/2"x11")

$0.10 each

$0.15 each

Outgoing Wire Transfers $15.00 each
Outgoing Fax $3.00
Incoming Fax $3.00

* A sales tax of 7% will apply to this fee.

We may require not less than 7 days' notice in writing before each withdrawal from an interest-bearing account other than a time deposit, or from any other savings account as defined by Regulation D.  Withdrawals from a time account prior to maturity or prior to any notice period may be restricted and may be subject to penalty.  See your notice of penalty for early withdrawal.


Safety Deposit Boxes**

Size of Box Annual Rental Fee
2" x 5" x 20" $12.00
4" x 5" x 20" $15.00
3" x 5" x 12" $12.00
4" x 5" x 12" $15.00
6" x 11" x 12" $25.00
3" x 5" x 20" $20.00
3" x 10" x 20" $25.00
5" x 10" x 20" $30.00

**Safety Deposit Boxes are NOT FDIC Insured.

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